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HTML-based help file editor for developers



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HelpSmith is an excellent help file editor that you can use to create and easily edit structured help guides in HTML to add to any project.

The program allows you to incorporate all kinds of elements typical to this type of document, and is quite flexible when it comes to organizing your content. Images, tables, and lists are easy to add, and HelpSmith makes it easy to create and organize content tables to make navigating the resulting document as simple as possible.

This program could really come in handy for developers who want their software to come with a complete, polished guide. It could also be used by technicians who need to prepare operating manuals. Without a doubt, everything you need to do to prepare documentation can be easily done using HelpSmith.

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. To export documents to HTML format, you'll need an external compiler. The author of HelpSmith recommends Microsoft HTML Help Workshop, which you can download here.


30-day trial.

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